Work from the Archive

Drawings, sketches, process work, big ideas and vague notions.

A boy and his owl. Pencil sketch.

Grey walls. Marker sketch.

Something out of place. Pencil and digital sketch.

Secular. Marker sketch.

Train sketch. Marker.

Self portrait. Marker sketch.

Klimt girl. Marker and india ink.

Meghan sketch. Watercolor and india ink.

Meghan with gun. Marker and india ink.

Klimt girl. Marker and india ink.

Go eat worms. Pencil sketch.

Dear stranger. Pencil and ink sketch.

Dear stranger. Watercolor process work.

Grey walls. Marker sketch.

Claudia. Pen + ink.

Mixing bowl kitty. Digital sketch.

All the fudge. Digital sketch.

The worlds I used to know. Pencil and ink.

The edges of things. Pencil and ink.

A tender cough. Pencil and ink.

Snakes. Pencil, ink.

Aubrey. High school ink sketch.

Arienette. Marker and watercolor sketch.

Still life. Marker, xerox, watercolor.

Assembly. High school sketchbook.